Projects & Progress

Although you may not realize it, your generosity will have an impact on not only your life but on countless others as well. Your “Investment in the Future” has enabled the Foundation to fund various projects that allow everyone in our community access to not only the best healthcare possible but to healthy lives as well.

Like everything else in life, our healthcare needs, our health care facilities and the needs of the individuals they employ are ever-changing. The Big Stone Health Care Foundation is proud to be able to work with you and your healthcare providers to maintain and expand the excellent facilities we currently utilize and to provide for their, and all of our futures. Thanks to your giving, we have been able to undertake such things as:

  • $2.2 million “Building a Healthy Future” Capital Campaign
  • Kidney Dialysis Unit
  • Outreach Center
  • Physician Recruitment
  • Community Fitness
  • CT Scan and other equipment needs

The Foundation is also able to offer educational funding assistance to students just beginning careers in health care, continuing education or furthering their education for those already in the medical profession, as well as funding the training for those desiring to become EMTs.   These educational loans are granted with the expectation that recipients will remain or return to OAHS, further enriching our health care system.

For more information about qualifying for an educational loan, contact any BSHCF Board member.

Big Stone Health Care Foundation
450 Eastvold Avenue
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