Planned Giving Myths

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plannedgivingpicHave you heard about Planned Giving but thought it was something you would not financially be able to do?  You might be surprised to hear that you can!  Here’s some of the top myths about Planned Giving:

MYTH: Planned giving only applies to donors of a certain age.
FACT: Planned giving is available and encouraged for donors of any age.

MYTH: Only wealthy donors can leave a legacy gift.
FACT: Using various assets, anyone can make a planned giving donation.

MYTH: The donor must have a will in order to donate.
FACT: There are various ways to donate using your retirement plan, life insurance or estate.

MYTH: Planned giving is too complex and time consuming.
FACT: A simple meeting with your lawyer, life insurance representative or retirement plan administrator is all you need to leave your legacy.

MYTH: I want to continue making my annual donations and cannot afford to do both.
FACT: We encourage you to use your various assets as platforms to make affordable planned gifts and continue your annual donations.

MYTH: The donor must have an estate in order to donate.
FACT: There are various ways to donate using your will, retirement plan or life insurance.

So, as you can see, there are multiple ways to make a Planned Gift!  As always, visit with your financial advisor or tax professional as the first step to making your gift.  If you have any questions about making a Planned Gift or about making any gift to the Foundation, call Sally at 320-839-4135 or email: